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Streamlined Gmail

If you’re a Gmail user, install this Chrome extension (Simplify Gmail) that strips out all the distracting stuff (like the large Google logo) and leaves you with a streamlined interface. It was created by Gmail’s former lead designers. It’s Gmail as it should be. — MF

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Rediscover things you saved

I uploaded a copy of my Chrome bookmarks to Mailist, and now once a week I get an email newsletter with 10 random links to pages and sites I have saved. It has reunited me with travel ideas, things I want to buy, and useful online tools like this fabric calculator chart. I also use it as a way to clean house and delete bookmarks I no longer have use for. — CD

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Take notes in your browser

My current favorite chrome extension for optimizing a new tab is Papier. It’s just one single note page. This is perfect for taking quick notes without minimizing or closing your browser. Everything you type autosaves and syncs to Chrome. You can create lists with checkboxes, and there are even a few formatting and style options available. But I feel the simpler, the better. Right now I have saved a few lines to a poem I am working on, so that every time I open a new tab I’m reminded to stay inspired. — CD

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Easier Website Reading

I use Chrome, and when I want to read an article, I click the Reader View extension icon in my tool bar. It makes the text larger and gets rid of ads and clutter. (Safari has this feature built-in.) It also tells you how long it will take to read the article. — MF

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Go dark

I recently upgraded my Macbook to Mojave and I’m loving the new Dark Mode. Then I discovered Dark Reader, the Chrome extension that makes every website dark and now everything is easy on the eyes. You can toggle the extension on and off so you don’t have to commit to one mode. I find that it’s hard for me to free write on a dark screen, so I keep my Gmail and Evernote in light mode. — CD

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Solutions search

When troubleshooting anything my first step is Google/YouTube. But when an initial query does not yield much, I simply add the suffix “solutions” to the query. The terms “problem X + solutions” is more likely to yield sources that have answers, not just the same problem I have. — KK 

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Google search tips

Type “movies” and your zip code to see what’s playing in theaters near you. Enter a flight number to see the status of the plane. Enter any shipper’s tracking number to see where your package is. — MF

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Browser trick

If you type something in the URL bar and then press control + enter, whatever you type will be surrounded by www. and .com. — MF

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Clean up bookmarks bar

I was excited to find out that I could create more room on my Chrome bookmarks bar just by right clicking edit and deleting the text. Now all I have are favicons to click on and my browser looks much neater and and organized. Works on Firefox too, just right click properties. — CD