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Change the color of hyperlinks

When I look at Google search results in the Chrome browser, I have difficulty telling the difference between the default colors of the links for previously visited and unvisited sites. One is blue and the other is blue-purple. I found a Chrome extension that solves my problem. It’s called Color Links. It does just one thing - lets me choose a custom color for visited links. There’s no mistaking one type of link for the other now. — MF

LinkedIn email finder

I use LinkedIn to get in touch with people for stories and interviews, but I don’t like using the built in messaging service (InMail). I’d rather email the person, but LinkedIn doesn’t provide email addresses (they want you to do everything in the confines of their walled garden). I use a Chrome extension called ContactOut which provides a pop-up with the person’s email address. It hasn’t failed me yet. — MF

Website email finder

Hunter lets you quickly find personal and support email addresses from any company website. I have the chrome extension and it’s great for when I have a customer service or billing issue and want a response as soon as possible. I cc: all the relevant generic email addresses for the company and so far have gotten a response and issue resolved within hours. — CD