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Website email finder

Hunter lets you quickly find personal and support email addresses from any company website. I have the chrome extension and it’s great for when I have a customer service or billing issue and want a response as soon as possible. I cc: all the relevant generic email addresses for the company and so far have gotten a response and issue resolved within hours. — CD 

Website not loading? Get the Google Cache

Sometimes a website is temporarily offline. It could be that the server is down, or the site is experiencing unusually high traffic. If that’s the case, enter the URL at the Cached Views website to see what the page looked like when Google’s indexing spider last scanned it. — MF

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Lazy read-later tip

Sometimes I open a bunch of links I find interesting and just right click > Bookmark All Tabs, then save them in a folder with the date or topic on it if they’re all related. I know I’ll get to them eventually. — CD

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