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Only in Asia

I get my LOLs by following the “Only in Asia” twitter feed. They pass along all the weird and crazy stuff from Asia. Clips from Japanese game shows, web cams from China, funniest phone videos from Indonesia. You can’t make this stuff up. — KK

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Japanese trends

The curiously named blog “Spoon & Tamago” is the best way to keep up with the latest art, design, fads, and lifestyle innovations from Japan. They also offer a nice feature: curated “guides” to Tokyo via interesting long-term residents. Well crafted well-designed site, as might be expected. Add ‘em to your RSS feed. — KK

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Near future must read

The juiciest source I know for what’s new in the world of artificial intelligence, biotech, and the near future is the free weekly newsletter from Azeem Azhar called “Exponential Review”. His succinct list of links, annotated with his remarks and degree of confidence of its importance, are a telegraphic way to keep up easily and quickly. I’ve found much more good stuff from him that no one else is pointing to. — KK

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