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Another interesting LIST from the Recomendo Team. One of my favourite qualities of Recomendo is that when I click on the Amazon link for a suggested product, it opens within my countries Amazon webpage ( Amazon.ca). Not a very common occurrence for me when I click on other suggested product links ( ex. You Tube makers/ DIY), typically I am taken to the Amazon.com web page then I have to make my way over to the Canadian Amazon site or copy the URL to the .ca website . Thank you!

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RIck, thanks for the rant. That has not been my experience. I was curious if your crew follow the instructions - alcohol cleaning and letting it cure an hour before putting on weight?

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I love your use of silly putty. Years ago I was looking for a fun thank you for people involved in our Continuous Improvement projects. I found Crazy Aaron's silly putty. He takes the bulk plain and adds colors, metallic looks, sparkles and more. He used to sell it in bulk. You could buy a pound. If you enjoy a small handful wait until you have a pound to mess around with. Not sure if he still sells in bulk but here is the website. https://crazyaarons.com/

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Regarding Silly Putty,

While taking art lessons as a kid and studying graphic design in school, I found the kneaded rubber eraser to be my favorite fidget tool. It costs about the same as Silly Putty and if you use pencils, it could be useful.

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3M Command Hanging Strips....

Whole heartedly disagree. They fall of the the walls continuously.

When we decorate a pre existing home a.k.a. "Location". Most times we can not put holes in the walls, so we have to come up with something creative to hang art work, pictures, mirrors, etc... I have BANNED my crew from using them. I have seen large, & small things simply just FALL off the wall. Usually hitting a crew member, or GOD FORBID an actor(hopefully you feel me cynicism there). They are way over rated for what they will actually hold and NEVER hang ANYTHING expensive with them.

My rant is done.... :}

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