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Interesting recommendations this week, as usual. Particularly the Sublime app intrigues me. There are however so many bookmarking, card and other organization tools out there, so I'm curious what tools the Recomendo team (as organization ninja's) has used over the years that have withstood the test of time.

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Great question! I also use Readwise and Onetab.

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Thank you, Mark, for the link to Stephen Wolfram’s podcast.

A very cool find.

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On that sublime thing - didn't become clear to me what additional benefit there is than just continuing to use Readwise? Moving on, when you find a great tweet for example - would you send it to RW or Sublime? I am asking this because I am so used to just dumping everything I like (and want to remember in fututre) on RW, that really need to be sure, I get everything I get on RW, from any other app / platform that I move to.

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Hey Amrit, chiming in here as the founder of Sublime.

Some people use Sublime instead of Readwise and send everything to Sublime because they prefer our UX. Some people prefer to use both.

To be clear, Sublime is not a read it later app. Think of Sublime as your own personal Google with all of the articles, quotes, ideas, etc... you want to come back to.

What is the benefit?

- Given a highlight in your library, you can see related ideas from other people's libraries. It's like "on-demand inspiration"

- You can easily create collections of ideas and make them private, public, or collaborate with others.

- Our search is smart / semantic. A lot of people use Sublime with both Kindle and Readwise because our search is not limited to keywords, it understands meaning and intent.

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@kk there is also a good book coming in a few days from @garyvee (Gary Vaynerchuk) called “Day Trading Attention” that is right in line with the Attention topic

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“Since it makes money offering books I’ve written without paying me royalties…”

Huh? Why? The site should be shut down?

Please explain.

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